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Tangletooth can't be defeated





I am new to the game so maybe there is something I do not understand and it is not really a bug.


In Approach to Thisletop scenario (easy difficulty), when I encounter Tangletooth (henchman), it always gets reshuffled in the location deck even if I defeat him. I precise that my character is alone at the location so the special effect of Tangletooth is not triggered.


Thanks for help,


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Just checking out.

The Tangletooth requires that each character in the location defeat it, not just one.



I did just try that scenario and Tangletooth seems to work just like it should be. But it can be a spesific condition, but in general it did allow closing the location as it should.

It most propably is that multible opponents parts that is causing the trouble.

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Had the same issue twice, during the same run - Lini was the only character in the location, successfully defeating Tangletooth but it got shuffled back into the location deck. I then sent Amiri to the location as well and on the third encounter, after beating Tangletooth with both Lini and Amiri, Tangletooth was defeated for good.


Could be that due to the bug you need 2+ characters in the location. Could be something Lini/location related. Either way, there is a bug but there's also a workaround.

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