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Few bugs i've noticed



Hellow everyone,

Here is a list of a few bugs i've noticed, with (if available) how i was able to reproduce them...


Technical part of the process :

I use a tablet (acer iconia A1-810 ; Android version 4.4.2)

my party is Harsk - Valeros - Lem - Lini - Seoni - Kyra (always in that order)
they all have custom names and custom dices, not that i think it matters :)

Character bugs :

- Purge Outsider

Kyra has both the purge undead and purge outsider powers. When she only had the former, it worked fine, now it works only on outsider and not on undeads

reproduced : yes, every time she encounter an undead


Items bugs :

- Mokmurian's Club

Healing ability of this weapon sometimes doesn't work. It seems to be mostly random, though it usually never happen on the first time per round i use it.

reproduced : yes, but i haven't seen a pattern there.


- Revelation Quill

Not a bug in the working of the item per say, more in the UI related to the item... When it is used, it shows you (one by one) all 5 cards properly but when they're in the "location deck order display" you can only access the first 4 of them.

reproduced : yes, every time it is used


- Wand of Enervation

There is some strange moments when this item get duplicated, not that i understand properly when it happens, but i know it happened when i did the following : Used a orb of firestorm (item) with Lemy then Swipe (spell) with Seoni and finally the Wand of enervation with seoni. I no longer had the swipe engaged in combat (the orb of firestone was), i put the swipe back in, canceled it (using the X on the left side of the screen) because i realized it was not needed, still had the X showing (even if swipe wasn't engaged any longer) so i clicked it again. I had no choice to try and recharge the wand at the end of the fight (was auto-buried) and at the end of the quest, i had 2.

reproduced : happened to me twice so far


UI bugs :

- Cards too big

i'm using the tablet UI (as said in settings) and most card, when zoomed in, are much too big to fit the screen, they are centered properly but only about 2 third of the text is displayed on screen (the last third is bellow it) same goes for the upper side of the card, i can only see the last few pixels of the grey box with the card type in it, everything above is off-screen... I have tried to "zoom on the text" as said in patch notes 1.3, but it's not working (maybe i'm doing something wrong), it's zoomed in big time, as if to show the text but centered as in to show the full card...

It's really bothering me because it prevents my from clicking on buttons that are supposed to be next to the card, like "continue" when encountering a boss or "salvage" when buying cards... you can barely see a little bit of the right sides of buttons like "discard" or "bury" but you don't see their label (this one is less worrysome since i usually drag the cards where i want to)

reproduced : constantly, but no rhyme or reason to it sometimes it's just the "salvagables" cards, other times all of them...


Progression / Quest bugs :

- two end of turn

I sometimes get two ends of turn, i'm not sure why... It mostly happens with Lem, Lini, or Seoni... I click the discard button, throw some cards away, click on the blue "next" arrow it draw to my maximum hand size then i get to discard cards again and draw some more... It happens at random, every now and then, i didn't see a specific quest or a specific location where it happens, nor i did manage to understand a card i used every (or most of) the times it happens...
reproduced : yep, at random every now and then

Edit : i think i narrowed down a little how this one happen... I think it has to do with getting a new "at the end of the turn" ability i didn't had before i drew my new card... things like drawing a Haste (spell) or drawing a type of card i now have in my discard pile, available for Lem's "Encore Performance" power.


- Seoni freezing

My game froze a few times (3 exactly) in some similar circonstances : it was Seoni turn, she was empty handed, she just had killing an henchman (using her last card in had to fireball him to death), it was on legendary difficulty and one of the T1 quests (3 times a different one). When i ended the turn, the game froze. It worked fine when i quit and reloaded though.

reproduced : those 3 times only

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I would add one more bug that is related to blessings: Favor of the Gods is still not properly working as a Favor, i.e., not counting in the limit of one discarded blessing. If you use this card, it will act like a common Blessing of the Gods and will not allow you to discard any other non-favor blessings.

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A few more things i have noticed (still the same specs as the opening post) :


Character bugs :

- Solo Performance

When you use Solo performance pay its cost by recharging a card with recharge power that applies on this roll, you get both the bonus of solo performance and the bonus the card would give you simply for recharging it. When you do that, you can cancel the use of solo performance but the card is still recharged and you lose both bonus.

Exemple : I have to make a Divine check (charisma based) because i am using a Holy Light (spell) in combat ; i use Solo performance and recharge Troubadour to pay it's cost, i get a bonus of 1D4 + 3 (solo performance) + 1D6 (troubadour's recharge ability to enhance a charisma roll) instead of just 1D4+3.

reproduced : every time you use solo performance and pay it's cost with an appropriate card.


- Solo performance (2)

This one is kinda weirdly specific. I encountered a Goblin Warchanter (on the last quest of the T2 pack, in legendary difficulty) and used solo performance to try and beat his power (you know, make a wisdom check to be able to use weapons...) i failed the check, was prompted back to combat check but the solo performance 1D4+3 bonus was still active.

reproduced : i have yet to encounter another goblin warchanter with lem.


Wildcard bug :

- Retaliation

I'm not completely sure about the name of this card, to be clear it's the one that says "When you defeat an ennemy, roll 1D6. On a result of 1, you take one fire damage".

When you have retaliation as a wildcard and you encounter an ennemy that takes 2 checks to defeat, the retaliation D6 roll trigger at the end of the first check (if succesfull) and the ennemy is considered defeated, you don't have to do the second check.

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another round of weird things :


Monster bugs :

- Graul Ogrekin (and regular Ogrekin as well)

Ok, this one is not as much a bug as a typo... The text on this actual card says (first result of the D4 roll) "The difficulty to defeat the Ogrekin is increased by 2; damage dealt by the Ogrekin is reduced by 2."... When the D4 rolls and there is the little "drop down menu-game show" thingy, text on the first option reads "The difficulty to defeat the Ogrekin is increased by 2; damage dealt by the Ogrekin is reduced by 1."... I don't know if it is intended to be a damage reduction of 1 or 2 to begin with, since i do as much as i can to avoid damages and don't pay much attention to the amount by which i fail my rolls, but one of those text (at least) isn't matching the facts...

Also, as far as text error goes... the Graul Ogrekin text refers to itself (the card) as "The Ogrekin"... shouldn't it be "the Graul Ogrekin" ? It does have the Ogrekin trait, so there is no real rule conflict here, at is is an Ogrekin but it would be much nicer the other way around...


- Graul Ogrekin (and regular Ogrekin as well)

And this one is a conflict between rulebook and the way the card function (no golden rule applying there, there is nothing on the card stating it will violate the rulebook)... Rules (as stated in options > rules > tips > Card's don't have memories) state that "Card forget they've been played after they've done whatever they do. [...] A monster isn't affected by anything you did in a previous encounter with it. [...]"

When you encounter Graul Ogrekin (or ogrekin) and it's shuffled back into the deck (either because you fail the roll to fight it or because you landed a 4 on your "what's my ability 1D4") it keeps the ability it had on the first time you encountered it instead of rolling 1D4 again to get a new one...

Now, if that's what it's intended to do, i have no problem with that, but the card doesn't state "roll 1D4, the Ogrekin keeps that ability for the rest of the game"


- Jaagrath Kreeg

This vilain reads "Before you act, Jaagrath Kreeg deals 1 combat damage to each other character at your location" but deals 2 damage to the first other character in line (properly deals only 1 to every char beyond the first one though).

reproduced : the two times i've encountered him with at least 2 chars

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- Graul Ogrekin (and regular Ogrekin as well)

... "Card forget they've been played after they've done whatever they do. [...] A monster isn't affected by anything you did in a previous encounter with it. [...]" ...

Yup.  This one came up before.


Long story short... the Ogrekin enemies are each represented by 5 cards: the "index" card, and four "alternates."  You encounter the index, it rolls to summon an alternate, then the index is banished.  From there on in, the alternate card is the one in play, and will not re-roll to some other version.


Correct implementation of the "cards have no memories" rule would swap the alternate card back with the index if the bane is evaded or undefeated.  I'm not sure if there is any "swap-back"mechanism in the game right now, so that's the bug you're seeing.

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Well... even with no direct "swap-back" mechanism, we know the game can handle triggers like "if undefeated" and "if evaded" because different things happen when you do that (for starters : getting damaged / the card shuffling back into the location deck) so it would not be very hard to implement an hidden script (as in, not shown in card text) for those "alternates" ogrekins you spoke about saying :


If undefeated / evaded :

 - banish this (alternate) card

 - shuffle "index" card into the location deck


and, on the 4th "alternate card" (the one that is put at the bottom of the location deck :

If defeated :

 - banish this (alternate) card... not even sure you'd have to implement this, banes are prolly auto-banished when defeated unless otherwise specified

 - put "index" card at the bottom of the location deck


As far as i know, the game can handle all those mechanisms, we know a card can banish itself (there are numerous traps that gives you this option) we know a card can create or shuffle another card into a location deck (various locations do that)...
Then again, they're doing a decent job at correcting all the bugs, if they haven't tackled this one yet it's prolly cause the game cause doesn't allow for a simple solution :)


anyway... more bugs...


Quest bugs :

- Battle at the dam (T3.4) Temporarily closing dam

The quest description specify that "The Dam may not be temporarily closed" yet, it can be (at least in heroic difficulty)

reproduced : once, i haven't tried more cause i completed the quest


- Battle at the dam (T3.4) Multiple vilains

When i did that quest in heroic difficulty, there was 2 Malugus Kreeg (vilain) runing around in the location decks. I noticed it cause when i went for the last location, i encountered the Kreeg ogre (henchman) pretty fast and "closed" the location after defeating him. The game proceeded to remove all the non-vilain cards from the location deck and i was left with 2, both of them beeing Malugus Kreeg.

Reproduced : not that i know off

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