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Yes, she will cycle rather fast with animal companions used for their power or explore and spells but what do you discard to trigger Beast Form? Because you need to discard otherwise weapon is far, far weaker then Inflict... and even with Beast Form, they're still weaker.

You don't always have to use beast form to use a weapon effectively. In fact, I rarely do bother. The whole point is that the weapon is just an option, primarily for dealing with lesser threats without having to use a spell that you then would have to somehow cycle back into your hand before you can use it again, which can be a waste just to get rid of some pesky critter that somehow survived from the earlier scenarios. With proper preparation, late-game Lini can easily dispatch a 15-20 combat check monster without Beast Form or spells, and save the big guns for the tough fights.


And even not starting with the weapon in hand isn't a problem either - she's far from defenseless without it; it is after all just one of her options (of which, as one of the most versatile characters in the game, she has plenty) which she can make use of once she gets hold of it, but until then (or even if she never does) she'll do just fine - she'll just have to pay more attention to when she uses her spells and how to get them back.

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Lini can be quite good but my issue with her is offense power. He Beast form is a worse version of the Monk's unarmed strike and Sorcerer's Arcane Strike. Because her strength and dexterity only get a +2 with upgraded skill feats and weapons are out of the question Beast Form is a pretty much a last resort. If I have to actually use it, its a clear sign I need to start discarding and healing to get back my attack spells.


Healing is very good for her as it means she can easily heal herself, other characters and with Animal Trick there's little risk of failing recharge rolls. Holy light is so key to her that I max out spells first of all. I try to collect as many Holy Lights as I can. If she doesnt have one or two in her hand on any turn its a bad turn.

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