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Seelah power bug



I started a new adventure party with Seelah (with Meri and the druid). Seelah's "discard a card from your deck to add to a check" power will not work. I can choose to activate the power but tapping on my deck (or my discard deck or any card in my hand) fails to yield the option to discard. 


Maybe I am doing it wrong. 

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After activating Seelah's ability, you actually need to drag a card from your deck to your discard pile. I suspect it's not automatically done so that you have the option to undo if you misclicked (you can't undo after discarding, because you might receive an unfavorable result and have to actually discard the card).


Edit: Oops, not Crusade... can't remember the name off the top of my head...

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