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Force Expertise applies after canceling spell



Playing with Ezren, encountered a giant, play Force Missile then change my mind and pull it back in favor of a better spell. But when I do, the +2 bonus from Force Expertise is still just sitting there with his strength die.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


Story mode, Jorgenfist, Normal difficulty

Pass and play and permadeath both off

Party of Ezren, Kyra and Merisiel

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Yup, there's some definite weirdness going on with bonuses and cancelled cards (it happens with weapons and items too). In the past, when I've noticed it happen, I've tried a VRT (vault round-trip), but sometimes that has made the situation worse, so now I don't bother with a VRT unless the issue with the bonus is going to cause me a major problem.

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