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[] OK this is wierd: VRT to fix a display issue - triggers a display issue



I'm really just posting this for the LOLs, but the card display wouldn't close so I hit VRT and got this




Fortunately, going back to the game found everything fixed (well, visually I mean, not the myriad bugs, obviously)


Oh yeah, and did you notice that I have 1288 of 1258 somethings? Whatever they are.

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Oh yeah, and did you notice that I have 1288 of 1258 somethings? Whatever they are.

Yeah, understanding the card count was driving me nuts for a while...


1258 = (Campaign Cards so far, incl. dupes) + (Active Treasure Cards, 1 ea.) + (:cough: Inactive Cards :cough: :shifty:)


Obsidian fixed the unreleased/buggy cards from showing up, but I think they are still being counted when the gallery parses the deck lists.  So.. a minor bug compounds an otherwise meaningless display of numbers.


In your instance 1288 works out to something like:

1288 = (987 Campaign Cards, incl. dupes) + (301 Treasure Cards, incl. dupes)


The number on the bottom is a little different, but same general premise (and excludes inactive cards):

[Cards Visible In This View] / [(Campaign Cards, incl. dupes) + (Treasure Cards you own, incl. dupes) + (Treasure Cards you don't own, 1 ea.)]


Laaaast edit:  ​I spun this off into its own topic.

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