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Vault Card Count Misleading/Wrong

Ethics Gradient


Tangentially brought up in this post, I'm suspecting that the total card count may still include the bugged/unreleased treasure cards that got excised from the Gallery back in


Sure, unobtainable cards no longer display in the Gallery, but their echo yet remains.




Also... for what it's worth, the count totals are incredibly confusing because in some instances they include duplicates, and in others they do not.  It would be much more straightforward to the player if all the XXX / YYY displays counted unique cards only.  


As in mccrispy's post it's really difficult to understand what "1288/1258" is conveying:  

 Do you have more cards than allowed?  Glitched?  

 Do you have all of the cards?

 Is the fact that you inexplicably have 45 Menagerie Keepers screwing up the total?

 Why does it think you have so many when you know you're still missing a dozens of treasure cards?

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