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Pile of nonsense from Jaagrath Kreeg



The very next turn after this bug, I explore with Lem and encounter Jaagrath Kreeg. So the first thing that happens is it asks me to have Valeros take damage, so I discard his two cards. Then combat begins... With Valeros as the combatant. Including the "pass this check off" dialog.


So I narrowly defeat his first phase, and then he makes Valeros take two more damage. After which, focus switches to Lem with no indication of what's happening; the Jaagrath card is just sitting there but there's no check or instruction displayed. So I try to drag Lem's weapon out to fight him with, it bounces back to his hand and a dialog saying "confirm this action" pops up. Only there's no confirm and cancel buttons. Or anything else that would indicate action.


This is when I switched apps to write the first part of this bug report, which causes the game to need to reload from the title screen.


Anyway, I get back and now Jaagrath is sitting face up on top of the location deck, the prompt is gone but there's now a confirm button flashing at me. I switch to Valeros just to check and the "confirm this action" prompt shows back up, and the confirm button grays out until I return to Lem. So I push the button, but nothing happens. Repeatedly. VRTs and trips to the title screen do nothing, so I'm left with no choice but to forfeit. At least that works correctly.


I suppose I should mention this was all on a save file from before today's update, which could make a difference.



Android 6.0.1 on Nvidia Shield tablet K1


The Fort in Peril on Heroic difficulty, random trait Blood in the Sand

Pass and play and permadeath both off

Party of Lem and Valeros, both in the Garrison

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Somewhat related, had multiple bugs when encountering Jaagrath on legendary difficulty:

All 5 of my party members (Harsk, Seelah, Lini, Sajan and Amiri) were in the last open location, when Lini encountered Jaagrath (she goes 3rd order-wise). Jaagrath first starts by dealing 2 (instead of regular 1) damage to Amiri, after which Amiri is able to roll for the first check or pass it to another character. I choose to roll, using some cards, and succeed. Jaagrath then targets Seelah, dealing 1 damage to her. Then, focus switches to Lini's tab, where she takes no damage and is able to roll for the second check. I choose to pass it to Amiri, succeed and Jaagrath is defeated.

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