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So, I'm at Caed Nua and there are phantoms. Huge groups of them. I have developed the perfect strategy: save scumming!


But seriously, wth am I supposed to do. My party is level 3. I have a party of six. I play on hard mode because every other fight is a breeze. Furthermore, I DO NOT walk in expecting to autoattack my way through.


I begin a fight with them by doing my best to have Eder engage at the front and PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT HE IS NOT STUNNED.


Then my custom characters move up to melee engage and I PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT THEY ARE NOT STUNNED.


Knowing that the spirits have low HP, I have Durance cast Bless for +ACC followed by the Armor Buff for DR followed by the AoE heal over time, while I PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT THE MELEE FRONT IS NOT STUNNED.


I have the Chanter guy sing the +FORT song knowing that stun works against FORT, while I PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT THE MELEE FRONT IS NOT STUNNED.


I then, if everything is absolutely perfect and the RNG Gods have decided I do not die I move Aloth into position for a flaming cone, while I PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT THE MELEE FRONT IS NOT STUNNED, and while I PRAY TO THE GODS OF RNG THAT THE MELEE FRONT DOES NOT MOVE AND GET HIT BY ALOTH'S SPELL!  And then I watch as he misses most of the spirits with the spell and dies. Yay...


Then some people get stunned, and I lose.


Then I reload.


Repeat 10 times or so, and I win sometimes.


What am I missing?

Also, if I am missing nothing, is this to be expected: easy as hell fights interspersed with grueling, non-tactical RNG?

I played all that infinity **** back in the day, and there was always a strategy, always a way. Here, I must be missing something.

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Well, you can hit at least level 4 before you go through Caed Nua if you complete the possible side quests before that.


Are you sure that stun doesn't target Will? Quite a few do.


If you're getting hit with crowd control, buffing your defenses/debuffing enemies is a bigger priority than buffing your offense - I would save Bless for when you aren't actively dying. If you have Chill Fog or Curse of Blackened Sight those will take a big bite out of the phantoms' accuracy. If all else fails, Consecrated Ground is generally an "I Win" button at low levels. (10-14+ AoE healing every 3 seconds for a decent duration).


Hmm... don't forget consumables, either! No need to save a ton of money or materials by not crafting - you'll end up with tons of gold even if you eat like a gourmand, chug potions just because you're thirsty, and use scrolls to light your campfire. Bulwark Against the Elements and Mirrored Image potions would be particularly helpful in this situation, as would scrolls of Defense and Protection if you can craft or buy those yet.

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First you should buff/equip Eder to be able to tank them - if you don't have Rymrgrand mantle (rng loot) then you should be able to craft a potion of Bulwark against the elements to reduce their cold damage to MIN. Once all enemies are clustered together (try to find a spot where they can't surround Eder), buff the accuracy of Aloth (Eldritch Aim) and cast a few Fan of Flames which will kill most of them. 

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Eh? Phantom fights are a walk in the park on POTD with level 3 party. All you need is Chill Fog, Armor of Faith + equip Heavy Armor on everyone and good positioning. Come to think of it, that simple strategy works to clear the entire Act 1 (and first 2 levels of Od Nua) without problem.

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