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Can't make in-app purchases--payment does not process



I have an iPad 4, running iOS 10. 


I have tried making in-app purchases both for the bundle and daily gold, but receive an error message ("Sorry the attempted purchase did not go through") after Apple asks me to confirm my purchase.  I tried using a credit card, and then switched to PayPal to see if it would process.  No success.  I checked to make sure that each payment method is valid, and each is working otherwise and does not list the bill, so unlike other users, my payment is not going through at all. 


I look forward to being able to use the other characters.  Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the reply. I am logged into the Game Center. It shows my Apple Game Center username in the upper left-hand corner.


I tried again last night on my iPhone 4s. I logged into the Game Center there too, and was unable to make any purchases.


Thanks for your help. Looking forward to the new characters!

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