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[] Graul Ogrekin still has problems in Quest Mode

Saint Ajora


Graul Ogrekin is still having problems when generated with the scenario power that adds difficulty to Giant monsters in Quest Mode. This time, I had Merisiel in the Junk Beach when she found a Graul. After both d4s from the scenario power and card power were rolled, the Graul Ogrekin was shuffled back to the location deck. Initially, I thought that it was a problem of the location, but then my Valeros was in the Prison and he had the same problem with this henchman.

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I reported this in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/89758-1141-ogrekin-auto-defeat-bug-still-exists/ I'm not surprised that it didn't get fixed in as was the "Ogrekin bug" patch and was the "Immortal Summoners" patch that came out as an emergency when introduced immortal summoners. We'll probably have to wait for the next major scheduled patch for a fix to this one.

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