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Want to say this fix worked for me too. However, I had completed all of Hook Mountain Massacre on Legendary, but only up to Heroic was saved. Might this be a bug as well?

Check whether you still have the Legendary Rewards for the APs that you completed. If you have them then progress has not been lost - it's just that the UI is really bad at showing your progress. You should be able to create a party from any combo of characters that have completed a scenario at Legendary and find that when you go back to the Scenario you have Heroic complete and Legendary is available for a repeat (which is by design).


(I believe, though haven't tested, that the character with the highest degree of completion determines the completion level of the party from the point of view of what you get access too, not sure how it affects Legendary Completion Rewards though)


Ah-I didn't know Legendaries were up for repeat! Thanks!

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