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Finally got that Dragon Smiter!

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After getting 5+ of all other legendaries, the Dragon Smiter finally decided to show up. My treasure collection is now currently complete.


I feel quite accomplished, but now I'm not sure where I should continue with this game. I'd love to give more out to the community, so I was thinking of making video guides, but I'm not sure if people would like those. Does anyone have any thoughts on what they would like to see.

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Congrats!  How many treasure chests would you estimate that it took to complete the collection?  [...as of mid-October]

2500 to 2800ish

Up until the recent patch changing the chest costs, I was probably farming around 22-27 chests a day. I could make the bulk purchase every other day usually. This sped up as time went on and more and more cards were getting salvaged, then the dice came and the 125 gold salvage was huge, but then it slowed back down after the price change to the early stages of farming. I've had my farming method down for a bit over 3 months now, which is about 2300 chests, plus several humble bundle codes, and then the 30 or so days of gold accumulation prior to finding a strong farming method.

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Holy batman! Congrats!


But if you do videos:

- how to start new croup and modify the deck

- how to do fight agains enemy that has multible fights (Many heroes against one enemy situation)

- How to select role card and then your power feat.


All situations that Are not included in the tutorial.

Make them short 2-3 minutes at most. It would be very usefull to new players


Also next videos would be nice but harder to make

- how to log in the game Center and to the app (iOs)

- how to log in the google play and the app (Android)


It seems to be difficult task to the new players.

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Good news!  After 3000 chests you should have collected something like 99.8% of the available cards... assuming no new ones get added into the mix ;)

Hah!  Guess-O-Tron v1.0 was pretty darn close.  I went back and used some leftover excel wizardry from postgrad to run a better set of calculations.


3000 chests X 1000 simulations:

- You have likely found 99.9% of available collectables (cards/dice); but only 91% of those simulations were able to complete the full set (at least 1 of each)


If you started right now, after 2000 chests you have a little over a 50% chance of completing the collection.  (Of course it will shift when new cards get added in; maybe I'll re-run it next patch and let my laptop angrily simulate another 30 million treasure chests...)


Also, I'm aware I'm replying to my own post.  Sometimes the boring stuff can suddenly seem real interesting ::shrug:: 

Meta-gaming is still gaming.... sort of.... right?

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I just have to ask. 2,500 chests at 500 gold each = 1,250,000 gold. I guess there used to be a break for buying chests in bulk so let's just use a round number of 1,000,000 gold to open 2,500 chests. Completing Legendary with a 6 person party nets you 250 gold. I havent done the math, but I don't think you get too much extra gold in a scenario for killing monsters and closing locations but let's just say it's another 150 gold per scenario. That's 400 gold per scenario. Let's also be very conservative and say you've salvaged 200,000 gold. That leaves 800,000 gold to open 2,500 chests. 800,000 gold divided by 400 per scenario = 2,000 scenarios. Let's say each scenario takes 15 minutes to complete. That's 30,000 minutes or 500 hours. I think I'm being very conservative here. Have you really spent 500 plus hours playing this game? Since the initial release date, we're talking roughly 3 hours every single day. Is that possible?


Hell, that's some major dedication. I can't see myself dedicating that much time to anything.

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Hell, that's some major dedication. I can't see myself dedicating that much time to anything.

Well, good news!  If you only have time to farm 1000 chests, you'll probably only be missing 4 of the collectables.  ;)

And if you're extremely-crazy-lucky, 1.3% of those simulations managed to complete the full set.

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i'm guessing to do these calculations you need to know the drop rate of at least the legendary cards -- is this a known number?


I'd put it in the neighborhood of ~2%.  But when you smooth that out a little, the chances of finding a specific Legendary in a single Treasure chest is generally no better than 0.25%.  Between that and the legendary dice drops, it was pretty trivial to model the long end of the tail (legendary rarity only) as in the initial Guess-O-Tron v1.0.


There's some variation in the middle rarities, but at the top and bottom, it is surprisingly close to the Hearthstone models.  

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