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So I've been playing this game for a month now and I've been trying different classes and builds. First off I tried the Rogue and Cipher as they have a good buff to damage, but the rogue gets out-positioned and has little to no defenses in the fray. The Cipher is really strong (stronger than rogue in my opinion) and brings a ton of cc to deal with enemies. I also tried Paladin and Barbarian, but their lack of cc is kind of annoying.


After a bit I decided to give fighter a swing, because well, their base stats are really good, they have cc and they also have some damage buffs. In my experience it fared much much better than any of the other classes and synergizes well with a party in the back-line. 


I went with:

Mig: 18

Con: 8

Dex: 16

Per: 16

Int: 14

Res: 6


I haven't tried in on PotD, but on anything below that this character can be played as a front line. HP is decent and with full plate gets over 30 DR. Using dual wield sabre currently at level 14 starting The White March and this character almost completely solo's every fight.


The most broken thing is Charge which decimates any squishy in one hit, followed by Amplified Wave and the fighter can go to work dealing over 100 damage per hit. Now the charge ability is something that does something no other class in the game can duplicate. Massive damage in a line towards the backline of an enemy team instantly. In a choke point any other class is just stuck having to rely on ranged damage. Although the ability is probably bugged right now because it seems to insta hit my dual sabres on impact on the target dealing well over 250 damage to it.


The thing with most of the other classes is that they become really squishy when built this way, but the fighter has such high stats it's actually fine tanking the enemy team for quite a while. The added cc and mobility just turn it into a monster.

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Charge is nice. But for me it's more about the mobility than the damage. And it comes so late, it's sad. It does good damage, sure, but that is nothing compared to Heart of Fury of a barb for example.

However, you are right that even an offensive fighter can go behind enemy lines without going down - you can do that with a fighter very early in the game - which is really nice. You can build rogues and barbs that way, but you need to spend some talents and abilities to do that without too much micro while the fighter is good enough for this right from the start.


Another class that does this equally well is the monk. You just need to give him Veteran's Recovery and he's even sturdier than the fighter (when both don't take defensive abilities) because he has the same starting values but more endurance and health. He can get an ability that is comparable to Charge, Flagellanth's Path, but at the same time he can do massive AoE damage via Torment's Reach and longer knockdowns via Force of Anguish.


What I like about the fighter is the ability to further bolster self heal with Unbending and Rapid Recovery and the Cloak of the Tireless Defender while using the rest of the abilities and talents for dps.

That, and Disciplined Barrage. In my opinion it's the best ability of him. Few other classes can stack such high amounts of ACC - that makes him great against bosses with high defenses - like dragons.


Your build is totally viable for PoTD. I'm using nearly the same stats for my disruptor fighter, only that he uses Tall Grass for auto-prone. He uses Disciplined Barrage and Aspirant's Mark and then charges - then using his 3 Knockdowns to CC the most annoying enemies. That even works very well against dragons - I have a paladin buddy for him for those encounters: he has a marking weapon + Coordinated Attacks and marks the dragon for the fighter who then charges the dragon and keeps on using Knockdown and Clear out on him if he's not going down from auto-prone. It's great! And Disciplined Barrage is the one ability why I chose a fighter over a monk for this.

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I'm quite a fan of paladin, since, if you're Wayfarer, he just cures everyone while trashing mobs. But I see your point: charging right into the fray gives not only ridiculously high damage, but also the mobility you want. This and the fact that you can just use nearly anything you want.... and there you go. A teensy-tiny war machine ;)

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