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Is buried treasure only an option for Free players?

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So I looked at my husband's ipad where I had installed the game but not bought anything. He has the Rise of the Runelords bundle, the Tools of Faith and Devotion AND the Buried Treasure bundle as options. 

I would really hope that the Buried Treasure wasn't ONLY offered to those who hadn't bought the full game. (If that were so, it would be one of the biggest turn offs to supporting the game at all -- giving LESS specials to those who supported the game by buying the whole thing would be unacceptable). Hopefully this is just a coincidence and lots of you who purchased the full game have the option to buy the buried treasure and my lack of seeing it is just a bug.


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I've bought daily gold 3 times. I just wish that all options were available to everyone - I really hate discrimination in any form and am afraid that this isn't a glitch but a marketing choice. 


Maybe not a coincident that I have purchased daily gold several times and also lack the offer? Would be nice to know if this is a bug or a "targetted ad", so to speak.

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" As for the buried treasure, the special offer only appears if you haven't purchased anything from the game for 10+ days. So since you have purchased the bundle, the buried treasure vanished. Don't worry, it will reappear if you don't many any purchases for the next 10 days! Please let me know if you are still having issues." (this is a quote from the above post)


Shouldn't the people who support the site by making purchases be rewarded for their support with the best offers? I have to say this makes me not want to spend another cent. I thought I was supporting the game by buying monthly gold and to find out that this makes me ineligible for what looked like a really nice offer really sucks!!! AND the only way to get it in the future is to NOT buy anything else for awhile -- WOW!!! So much for rewarding loyalty.
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Shouldn't the people who support the site by making purchases be rewarded for their support with the best offers? I have to say this makes me not want to spend another cent.


I think this is a problem with FTP in general.  The conventional wisdom is that most players play for free or spend very little cash, but the game makes money off the very small number of "whales" that spend a ton of money on the game.  The big "success" stories in FTP tend to be games that have tuned their game to lure in and milk those whales for as much as possible.  The exact opposite of rewarding your best customers.


Pathfinder Adventures doesn't seem to fit that mold.  It feels like the FTP model was bolted on late in the development cycle and the team is still struggling with exactly how to monetize the game.  Personally I'm thrilled that I could just buy all of the real content outright with the Runelords bundle, but at the same time I'm worried that this excellent game may fail simply because it wasn't priced in an effective way (i.e. perhaps it is too easy to play for free and there isn't enough incentive to buy anything).


With respect to the Buried Treasure deal - I get why it is structured that way.  The "regulars" are already spending money, and they want to tempt those people who aren't spending money to buy something.  But I agree that as a customer it feels wrong and there are probably better ways they could have rolled this out.  Still, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.... this feels more like a fumble than evil machinations.

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I would think if it was a "fumble" then there would be a developer response to this post (keep hoping). I do have to agree that the FTP model that is in place is just too easy. I got bored waiting for new content and started a FTP game on husband's ipad. I can easily get the gold needed to buy the character add on pack plus all the current adventures plus an extra character or two. Won't have extra soon to spend on treasure chests, but they really aren't necessary to enjoying the game. I guess I am particularly annoyed with the buried treasure pack because it totally devalued the Runelords Bundle. With that five dollars one gets 20,000 gold -- enough to buy Burnt Offerings for 800, Skinshaw murders for another 4000, Hook Massacre for another 4000, Fortress of the Stone Giants (4000) and still have enough left over to buy the character add on pack (6000). You are still short a few characters and AD5 and AD6, but you spent 1/5 the price. 

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