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[Bug] Major Cure switches the active hero



Platform: Android 7

Device: Nexus 5x


When using Major Cure from a hero who is not the active hero, that hero will become the active hero after Major Cure resolves.


1. Have 2 heroes at the same location (Hero A and Hero B)

2. Ensure Hero A has cards in his discard pile

3. Ensure Hero B has Major Cure in his hand

4. Ensure Hero A is the active hero

5. Select Hero B and use Major Cure on Hero A


Once Major Cure resolve, Hero B will now be the active player.


Using these repro steps, I've been able to reproduce this issue 4/4 times. I have not tested by having Hero B use Major Cure on himself, so I can neither confirm nor deny if the bug occurs in that situation.

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This works even if the characters are at different locations.


Relevant Characters: Lini, Amiri (other characters are Lem and Merisiel)

Scenario: Into the Mountains Legendary

Wildcards: Full Packs, Darkest Night


Details: Amiri's turn at the Woods.  Switched to Lini whose turn just ended to cast Major Cure on herself (Lini is at Mountain Peak).  It was magically Lini's turn again.  Incidentally, she encountered Battered Chest but the front of the card never showed up; the back of the card was visible but enlarged like a normal encounter would be.  Heading into the Vault to try to fix it and no card appears on the screen at this point; exit to main menu and return to the game, again no card on screen, but Lini is able to roll for the check.  Fails and choose to banish; banish animation appears on top of the location deck and I can proceed like normal.


Playing on Huawei Nexus 6P Android 7, Google login number (not sure what it's called) is 7103.  That's supposed to replace the PFID right?  If not, my PFID is F75AADCF9BD598C9

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