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Currently, I'm clearing Brigandoom! with solo Seoni using the following deck:


2x Haste

2x Poison Blast

2x Scry

1x Healing Poultice

2x Amulet of Inescapable Location

1x Robert Quink

3x Poog of Zarongel

7x Blessing/Favor of Pharasma


Right now a run takes 3-6 minutes depending on luck. Wondering if anyone's come up with a more optimal way to farm gold?

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I can do 6 party Local Heroes in an average of 15 minutes. Not sure what your average is, assuming 4.5 minutes, it would take you 15.5ish minutes to get the same scenario gold. But in addition, the 6 party local heroes gets 4 extra location closed, but less monster kills. Overall, I think that the 44 gold from closing would be more than the extra monsters killed in Brigandoom!.


I can post my build if you want, but it isn't optimized for that scenario, its my "easy mode" story party.

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Hmm, local heroes is a good idea. I'll give that a try. Wonder what best party size/comp is.


Wish quest mode just gave ~450 gold like it ought to, so that would be the best way to farm.


Edit: Yeah good call, local heroes with Seoni is 2-3 minutes.

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As a Promo card, there's no enforced limit other than "If you've already got one, don't expect to see it again in a location deck."


Simply put, smuggle your promo cards out to another party (or just have multiple parties), and consolidate them back after you're done Poog farming.

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Local Heroes is easily my fave place to farm gold running Seoni, Lem, Lini, Valeros, Seelah, and Kyra. Since most allies need diplomacy checks, most of these characters take the cake. Seelah and Lini cam self buff their own checks, Lem can buff any checks that need help, and my Kyra is stacked with Blessings for any other needs.

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hey guys,


i just want to give u another opportunity to farm gold.

sadly u need acces to the spires of xin-shalast mission "scaling mhar massif".


(i bought the rise of the runelords bundle, cause i think that obsidian enternainment did a rly gj with it.

if you buy the physical version of the game, it's also more expensive than the ios version.)


what do i need?

- spires of xin shalast: scaling mhar massif

- merisiel: u can skill whatever you want, but it's nice to have her delay ability (acrobat)

- must have: crown of charisma © and lizard (ad4)

- optional: revelation quill and brodert quink (ad2)


what should i do?

- start the scenario with only merisiel (legendary)

- normally the adventure deck has 10 cards, so you have a 1/10 chance to encounter leng-spider (3x per scenario)

- if you have another encounter just use evade ability and try again next turn

- when u encounter leng-spider recharge the crown of command to auto-succeed the check to defeat and then discard lizard to auto-close the location.


- if u dont want to evade again and again you'll have to clear the first 3 cards of the adventure deck (7 cards left)

- bury brodert quink to examine the bottom 3 cards of the adventure deck and put the leng-spider on top (if possible)

- use revelation quill and put leng-spider on top of the adventure deck.


imo it's a short and relaxed way to grind the scenario.

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