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Somebody knows if "minor treat" works also if you attack the same target of a charmed target ?( i'm not sure it is cosidered "allied", for example some powers that you can cast only on ally are not castable on charmed targets) I want to try a chiper solo run since the 3,4 came out ( wich makes charm a bit more reliable in solo play) and i want to try something different from the tipycal amaua & gun build.

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Good question. No idea actually. Other things like AoE buffs do work on charmed or dominated foes. So we can't be sure. I guess the answer to this question would also answer the questions "Does the coordinating enchantment work with charmed/dominated enemies" and "Does marking and Coordinated Attacks work with...". Minor Threat is really hard to test - but testing marking and coordinating with charmed enemies should be easy.

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Further: as Boeroer said, you can buff your charming friends ... ;)

So, does it work the other way around? I hope you can trigger a charmed rouges sneak attack for example ...

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