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Pillars of Eternity 3.04 Beta Feedback Contest (Conversation Thread)



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My thanks to entire Obsidian team once again. You turned my "blue monday" into a very special day. I received my prize today - great timing. Lots of cool stuff. Incredible value for collectors and fans, such as myself.


I hope we will see Pillars of Eternity 2 campaign on FIG real soon.

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Hello developers,


I hope I am in the correct topic about providing feedback. I had been playing PoE through Path of Damned and Iron Trial mode, playing on those mode is awesome!!! since each battle and decisions through combat matter because it means life or death, now let's talk the main reason for my reply. 


About the main reason for my feedback I found out, there is a priest spell that doesn't reflect area of effect and accuracy applying the intelligence attribute from the priest (I am using Durance), the interesting thing is that seems is not showing that info, because when I use that spell and I check the combat log and shows the current accuracy for my priest (Example: When I noticed about this situation in accuracy was showing 25 and my standard accuracy was 45 and when I use in the combat log show around an attack of 45)


So, I am wondering if you guys can apply this change in the next updates for PoE.


Addition Info about that spell :



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