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Turn glitch - anyone else experience this



I played Attack on Sandpoint last night in Legendary mode.  Party consisted of Monk, Fighter, Wizard, Thief, Druid & Cleric in that turn order.  Fighter and Wizard were at the town square - 1 card left, the Goblin Raider henchman, Druid and Cleric were at the Rusty Dragon - 4 cards left.  All other locations closed with the other members at one of them.


The Druid discovered the Villain.  I go to the "Close Locations Temporarily" screen.  To close the Town Square one has to beat/acquire the next card.  Since the next card was the Henchman the sight treated it as if I was permanently closing it.  I beat the henchman, no cards left, sight closed permanently.  I tapped the "Next" button on the side.  Suddenly I'm on the Wizard's turn.  I tap the Druid, not her turn.  I tap on Rusty Dragon sight from the "View Map" portion, nothing happening.  So instead of the Druid facing the Villain, the Wizard moved to the Rusty Dragon and finished him off.


I assume this was a glitch because the situation to close the location permanently overrode the conditional close the location temporarily.  I'm not complaining that the Wizard had to fight the Villain either.  He was far more prepared for the fight than the Druid was.  Still, it either skipped two people or  backed up two people for turn order and started from there.

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