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3.03: error message when updating



I got PoE from gog and updated the game to version 3.03.

When installing the patch for the main game and white march 1 there was no problem.


When I installed the 3.03 patch for white march 2, the updater says that some errors happened.

The patch log says:

Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part 2 patch log
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0506_whitestone_cave.unity3d
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0602_durgans_battery_west_tower_upper.unity3d
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0603_durgans_battery_west_tower_elevator.unity3d
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0701_stalwart_mines.unity3d
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0702_vithrack_caves.unity3d
Incorrect version of: D:\Spiele\Pillars of Eternity\\PillarsOfEternity_data\assetbundles\px2_0703_vithrack_interior.unity3d


When I start the game in the main menu I can see it is version 3.03

Will this cause problems?

Did this happen to somebody else?

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Looks like some corrupted files. There's chance everything will be pink when you enter those locations. I suggest running a verify\repair from either Steam of GoG Galaxy as that will fix any issues those files have.

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