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Crashes and the like on Tablet





Created this account to say two things on this forum:

  1. Damned fine game you created
  2. Damn buggy one at that

Allow me to expand on the second point: 


I have an Archos 101e Tablet and I get random crashes all the time. I can usually play 10 minutes at a time, when the planets are aligned, and otherwise the game just crashes to "desktop", while it still counts as opened on the background. If the game was not good, I would give it to the second crash and uninstall.


Since it's like a legal version of some high grade drug, I installed it on my cellphone (Huawei something or the other) and it works like a charm (a slightly buggy charm). It no longer crashes but has some very serious issues. Playing it on a tablet (or on a PC *wink wink*) is the greater experience.


Please fix this and/or let me know how to help you fix this so I can throw money at your game.



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