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Henchman don't allow you to close.



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Location: Woods

Encounter: Ancient Skeleton Henchman.

Defeat Henchman.

No option to close.


No special adventure power that multi-spawns infinite henchman. And in any case doing to solo so 'extra' henchman aren't supposed to spawn anyway (they still do.)

You actually have to read carefully. Sometimes the scenario power is whenever you encounter a henchman each other character...blah blah.

But sometimes the word "other" isn't there, so even the character that was encountering it originally gets a new one also.

Still, either way, a summoned Ancient Skeleton shouldn't summon its own extra. The game isn't meant to set up infinite loops, the scenario text should only trigger once and the Ancient Skeleton summoned by that text shouldn't also trigger it...


Fun infinite(ish) loop though: Location, General Store only cards left are two monsters. Character, Merisiel. Infinite Evade loop because encountering a non-item, weapon, or armor triggers another exploration.


I'm just sad that the General Store doesn't show up in Quest mode hardly at all anymore now that I'm not at difficulty Tier B...

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Yup. Bug verified. Keeps happening, cannot close location. Every time this happens now, just forfeit. You think if ones beats 3 henchman at the same location in a row, you'd get an option to close....nope had to go through the rest of the explore deck...didn't feel like another triple fight, restarting is easier and better odds of not dying due to recursive summons.


At least it doesn't lock up the game. I have not had it crash yet. So stability seems ok for now. :)

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