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Quest mode...cannot change character?



So..I decided to buy the package...and now apparently all those characters are not available.


So quest mode is only one character period? No option or selection to choose another even if you suicide, still have to play the same character.


Or is this another "find the secret UI" quest? Okay, where is the hidden interface this time please?


Is there an actual guide to the UI? That would be great.



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If you're mid-scenario, you can clear it first or forfeit.

After deck reconstruction (banishing excess cards) you will be on the quest mode map ( one with 3 skull icon for difficulties ), lower right side of the screen (ipad) there is a manage party icon.


There you can add characters to your experienced one (example Meri), or you can make new party using new Meri along side your new characters so they can level at the same time. (There is a New/Experience button upper right side..your bundle will probably be in the New characters tab)


Hope this helps.

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