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[Class Build] The Unfaithful (Solo Priest - PoTD) + Strategies

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The human trait is actually pretty good. The bonuses stack with everything.

Pale Elves have freeze and burn resistance. Makes it more useful than freeze only. 

Prepare to sneak a lot to avoid early fights and get XP from quests you can resolve peacefully. Caed Nua will also be difficult. I can't say how early you will be able to solo the Temple of Eothas. But it's going to be tough as nails if you don't have some good spells at hand - so you'll need a few levels under the belt. As I said Priest is difficult at the beginning and gets easier and easier with every level. Quite the opposite to fighter for example. 

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Fighter is easy at first and hard later on?

Any idea with such a build, how much I should put in stealth/athletics/lore/mechanics/survival? Like the original post, 2 stealth, 3 athletics, 4 lore, 11 mechanics and 2 survivals?

I don't like the human traits because it looks more like the "the enemy should die before I do", with acc and damage increase when you're below 50% endurance...

btw early on there're not a lot of quests I can resolve peacefully. The thing with the mage in front of the inn, the guy who threatened the mill guy, dunno which ones... 

Indeed pillars priests are not the D&D clerics :)

I guess once I started a fight no way I can exit a map isn't it?


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4 hours ago, harf4ng said:

Fighter is easy at first and hard later on?

Basically yes. 

You'll need some stealth to master the early game. But you can always retrain later in order to distrubute the skill points otherwise.

The human racial ability "Fighting Spirit" triggers once you drop beneath 50% endurance - but if you heal back up it stays active. With good INT you can use the bonus for quite some time - and it stacks with everything.

You can sneak through the whole Temple of Eothas and you can also sneak past the phantoms in Caed Nua.

If you rest in the Black Hound inn in GIlded Vale you'll advance in the main quest which gives quite some XP. You can sneak past the brigands who stole the crate from the smith's shipment and pick up the crate secretly. 

If you started a fight and there's enough space and you are faster than the enemy you can usually run away until the enemy retreats and combat will stop. You might need Fast Runner for that alse enemies will always be a bit faster than you. ALso when you lure enemies to a spot far away from their roaming area and cast withdraw on yourself you will become invisible, enemies will think you're gone and they will retreat and combat usually stops (which also ends Withdraw). You can also use a figurine to summon a creature for help and while the enemy is battling the creature you run away. Once the summon is gone the combat should also end. Doesn't work in some bounty or boss fights.

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Mmm OK thanks. I also considered a two people party like my priest with a paladin to not be alone but without all this micromanagement but the pally is in act II :)

Holy fighters :)

So I should maybe max out stealth to go to defiance Bay, recruit the pally then retrain :)

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