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Question bout daily gold

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I'm looking at the "Daily Gold" page on my phone in the store page inside the app and it doesn't say it's a 30 day thing.


Text exactly as seen on page:



BEST VALUE! Collect 200 gold once per day by returning to the store and clicking the 'Pick Up Daily Gold' button when it's lit up. Remember to log in each day to collect your gold. If you do not claim it, you lose it for that day.




When I click on the button to buy it just prompts me to sign in to the itunes store. 


I'm not complaining or anything because it's a pretty reasonable price for what it is- but it really should say somewhere on the page that it's for 30 days.

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I just bought this as well, and was surprised after the fact that it was only 30 days. Had I known that I would likely not have purchased this. It does not have to do with the potential value from collecting every day for 30 days - anyone can see the potential there. My concern is that I play this game VERY casually. I'll play for a few days, then put it away for extended periods of time. I thought it would be nice to get an extra 200 gold for a few days now.....possibly put the game down for a few weeks (or even months) and be able to come back at any time and still rely on the 200 gold.

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Hey everyone,


Apologies about the miscommunication. Daily gold originally stated that the subscription lasts for 30 days upon activation, but we recently updated the text to be more clear on how Daily Gold works, but we mistakenly let out the 30 days subscription text. This will be resolve in the next patch.


Apologies for the inconvenience. 

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