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[1.1.3] progression break after Valeros uses Spyglass and Explores with Smith



Device: Hudl 2
OS: Android 5.1
PACG build: 1.1.3


Pass & Play: OFF
Permadeath: OFF
Mode: Quest
Party Members: Valeros, Lini, Ezren
Turn Order: as party
Scenario: ?
Difficulty: Legendary
Wildcards: Retaliation, Driving Rain, Scenario: take 1 Poision after defeating Undead
Location: ?
Trigger: Spyglass


Valeros used a Spyglass to find a Ghoul Scarecrow, didn't change the order and then used Smith to Encounter the GS, but the game completely locked up and required a kill/restart to recover (Vault round trip wasn't possible as game was locked up)


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