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Quest Mode Retaliation is Broken



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Guys this type of issue can be easily analyzed if you send the game data to the devs at the moment it is verified. Return to main menu, zip the data directory and send the pack to devs, so they can directly look into the bugged functions.

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That is the biggest problem with this bug. What is causing it? So very accurate conditions Are essential in cases like this. I personally have newer seen this bug and I have played a lot! So the bug hunting in the cases like this Are hard. Dev have to be able to reproduce the problem so that They can try to find the fix for it.

So any extra detail of information will help. I will keep an eye on this, but Lets see if I ever personally encounter this. So any player that see this treath and can give extra information is usefull to the devs.


RedPreds tip to send save file just when this is happening is maybe the best! I think that in this case it may not be so easy even with those files, because we don't have clear reason, but files can definitely help in backtracking!

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