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Post your Vintage NWN 2 Screenshots


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This is when it first released with no aa support. Back then there was no fxaa, or csaa, or txaa, or reshade, you either had multisampling or nothing



Then aa support got patched in a few weeks later, and the game looked so much better


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My favorite moment from Mask of the Betrayer. Not too vintage, it's a steam screenshot from my last playthrough.



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Not really original screenshots, I kept my old saves (made when SoZ was just released, and I only had NwN2 Gold back then). So I reinstalled OC+MotB only, manually updated to 1.21 (and not to last patches), used the config settings I had on my old computer back then , for fun 



But what amazed me when I loaded these old saves... How could I have played so bad ?! 

A Half-Elf Bard[5]/Harper Agent[5]/Shadowdancer[8]/Rogue[12]

What have I done ?!









So I suppose, it's time to give it another try :p

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