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1-gold and 2-gold monsters

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Hello everyone,


I have searched the forums for an answer, but couldn't find it anywhere. Sometimes I defeat a monster and I get 1 gold, sometimes I defeat a monster and get 2 gold. Are these quantities random? Or are there 1-gold and 2-gold monsters?


Also, on the quest mode, different banes give different XP amounts when defeated. Is there a general rule for these differences or each amount was individually defined by the devs?


Thank you very much!



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I haven't noticed a single determining factor. Others say it is based off tier, but that is not true. If you encounter a horde barrier then skeletons or zombies will give 1-3 gold for different characters, and those values change each game. I'm sure there is some algorithm to calculate it, but we don't know what variables it is using.

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I'm willing to bet that there's some probability involved where [NumberOfGold] is 1 or 2, but likelier to be 2 if a higher tier, or the bane possess Elite or Veteran traits.  If I come across a better answer, I'll be sure to let you know. [ok, i'm pretty sure that this is the best answer you'll get.]

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