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Bug report: Ring of Protection



I apologize in advance for not having all of the details. I had to register and finished the game before I did so.


Device: iPad


Pass & Play not on, Permadeath not on.

Story mode (hadn't been in Quest mode for at least a day)

Characters: Harsk & Seoni

Scenario: Foul Misgivings (Normal difficulty)

Locations: Unsure.


Harsh encountered a Haunt. This was his second Haunt. Iesha Foxglove appeared. Harsk failed the check and took loads of damage (nine, I think). He had four cards remaining in his deck, and a hand size of five cards. He had four cards in hand, including a Ring of Protection. I discarded the other three cards, then revealed the Ring of Protection for fun. It reduced the damage and I was able to reveal it multiple times to eventually reduce the damage to zero. I can't imagine that this is how it's intended to work.

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