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cant start new party

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I am trying to start a new party with the characters I hadn't used yet, but it's telling me I need to delete characters first. I can't do that because my other party is waiting for new content to be released.

This is an unnatural and unnecessary restriction, it's not documented anywhere and it's not fun, please remove it as soon as possible, otherwise I can't keep playing inbetween content updates.

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You have to go to story mode and select the croup.

Then go to character screen and press three dots button (look the picture below)



Then give each members a nick Name


(In picture, I have my B-team, so I did put B after each teammember Name, so it easy to know what teamthey belong to)


Do the same to each your team. Then delete all the character that does not belong to any of your teams.

(For me it means, that I can delete all characters not in my team A, team B, or in team C.)

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