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  1. I finally have a repeatable save I can send to support! I can't get through Magran's Teeth, the text base intro happens, but when it moves past that it locks every time. I've done the other things that have worked before, but nothing this time. Getting the stuff together to send now. Edit: Oh! I just noticed Steam was running (because I'd reset at some point) and I vaguely remembered there were problems with that running, (I'm using the GOG version of Deadfire, try not to ever buy new stuff on Steam now), and after killing Steam and retrying the loading screen comes up (before it was just going to black screen with hand icon) and it actually works... So steam is one of the blocking issues.
  2. 1 thing is that after it crashes I need to go into the registry and change screemanager is fullscreen mode to 0, otherwise it won't load properly in the first place. That lets it load regions, but after it crashes it's back at 1 so I have to reset it before starting again. Edit: I have the game in windowed mode by the way so it shouldn't ever be setting fullscreen as far as I know and autodetect is OFF so it should never change it to start with, let alone to something wrong.
  3. It happens to me all the time, it seems to be able to handle only 1 "in combat" type situation. I can do anything on the world map or boat, the first transition on board or on a map will work and all connected areas, but once i go _back_ to the world map the very next walking around area (including shipboard) will lock it.
  4. Hi! I redeemed my key on GOG ages ago and I've been waiting patiently for today, continually checking whether the install button is available. It's still not clickable at all, but obviously it works for others now! (It is slightly annoying that I'd now get it fast paying for it again!) I restarted GOG just in case that would help but it did not. Thank you, Kinesia
  5. I like rice. Like fat maggots that don't move much. Delicious. Love, All goblins.
  6. This is what I came here to check... I'd started playeing on steam, the accounts are linked, I went to continue the game on my phone, but it doesnt recognise that I have the expansion and won't let me continue my game.
  7. With Valeros I found ranged weapons helped a lot. Usually he still has a melee weapon to use properly (because he has so many weapons), so he can recharge all his ranged weapons to assist other characters. This is especially good with the flaming shortbow since giving people Fire is often handy. (And now the Ornate Crossbow to give Magic reliably, the other needed one.) When starting he can use the ranged weapons himself until he draws one of his normal weapons. Using him on the Garrison (His most regular first stop) he can recharge on the Bandit to clear up things blocking his hand and help him get to what he needs. So for me his teamwork really comes from the types of weapons he has, not his powers. (Those I admit he doesn't use much early game.)
  8. I was going to try these suggestions, but currently my game crashes if I click "Create a new party". I can continue my 1 existing party, but i can't make a new one.
  9. Daily quest numbers need to be adjusted based on how long they take. The main issue is todays "2 Legendary adventures"... I work and only get to play on the way to and from work. I can finish 2 normal adventures, but Legendaries are too hard to guarantee, i don't have the time to try 5 times to get the 2 successes... It needs to just be 1 Legendary.
  10. This is absolutely not true. I deleted on my iphone. Loaded my ipad (to try and make sure that's what was synced to the server). Reinstalled the game on my iphone and restored things and it's still at the broken point it was before. (I know for certain because I've defeated the last boss on my ipad and the phone does not reflect that)
  11. Not the exact same circumstances, but definitely a simiar problem. I can "continue" a game, but if I click on "story" and select a party it drops me out of the game. It doesn't completely crash it (on iOS) because double clicking give me the game still in the list of open apps. But it kicks me to the system screen. Explicitly killing and reopening the app doesn't help. This has happened before and gone away, but i don't know what fixed it to try it again. I also have a sync problem with a -different- group than the one I'm trying to start, no idea if it's related.
  12. I have a specific example. I was playing on my iphone (almost always connected) and my ipad (wifi only, so not connected when not home). I beat the last mission of series 6 on my ipad when not online. Going online and logging into the game (and that character group even) has not fixed things. My iphone is still stuck at an earlier character point, it won't update. Definitely logged into Gamecentre on both, and having wifi detected and such.
  13. I'm worried though, how do I know which ones are safe to delete (ie, not currently in a party)
  14. I am trying to start a new party with the characters I hadn't used yet, but it's telling me I need to delete characters first. I can't do that because my other party is waiting for new content to be released. This is an unnatural and unnecessary restriction, it's not documented anywhere and it's not fun, please remove it as soon as possible, otherwise I can't keep playing inbetween content updates.
  15. I have one game at the end of current content and wanted to start a new game with the characters I ahven't used, but it tells me I have to delete characters first. This isn't valid. I need to make a 2nd party without deleting characters still in use in my first party, the numbers need to be completely independant. It talks about advanced characters, but I'm trying to use _basic_ characters, so it's assumptions aren't even valid, it's just counting the full numbers.
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