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Hey Richardm,


This along with your other post (Forum Link) are the same issue with Durance and Hiravius. The issue has to do with the auto-level up feature in the game options menu. We should have a fix for both these issues soon. Until then there are two things you can do to 'avoid' the issues. Turn off auto-level up before recruiting Hiravius or Durance. Or, you can purchase the White March expansions. You do NOT have to purchase the expansions, as we will have a fix soon. I just want to state if you do not want to wait for our next patch you can purchase the DLC which fixes the issues in the base game.


- Sking

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Hey folks,


whats the actual status of this matter? Is there a patch ready soon? I'm playing POE via Steam, and got this error recently. Since I'm using Steam, I assume I will get the patch as soon as it is available, correct? My installed version is 3.03.1047.


Since the last statement, that „we will have a fix soon“ is now two months old – when do you think there will be a patch ready?

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