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Initial Stalwart sound bug [3.03]



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Yeah it's certainly a little lame, not game breaking in any way but again as a point of developer pride in the game it makes it come off as a little slapdash. I think that's a thing quite disappointing about Pillars, there are literally loads of cosmetic problems but hardcore RPGers don't care because they don't effect gameplay and the devs again don't care so much for the same reason. However if you do have someone new coming to a game, and they're not accustomed to these weird kind of glitches, I'd imagine someone somewhere is getting put off for the wrong reason (trivial cosmetic bugs that could be fixed by the devs) rather than the right reasons (the remaining - though severely diminished - gameplay bugs, problems with narrative/setting/NPC archs, etc.).


As a hardcore RPGer, I don't really care - but certainly someone will, or at least it will be the icing on the cake of their legitimate problems with the game.

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