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Where are the instructions the for using the App?

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The App has the rules of the PACG game, but where are the instructions for the App?


I can't figure out how to accept daily challenge and I just divided that you can trade cards for gold in the gallery (I don't know how - I just saw it mentioned in a bug post). Surely there is some documentation for the non-gameplay features of the game? Have I missed it somewhere?

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There aren't instructions or official manual at the moment... I had your same problem and I always ask to expert players for help.


For the daily challenge I think you need to make a party and play the scenario in Story mode as indicated in the challenge itself.


When you unlock cards through the chests, they are stacked in the gallery (use the treasury filter). You can select cards you don't want or unnecessary duplicated to have the button to sell them. Save duplicates for your favorite cards to have a greater chance to encounter them anyway.

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