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Bug report: Greater Luckstone doesn't work




I noticed a problem with Greater Luckstone: its Bury ability is not offered if the check is missed just by 1.

Got it once on 08/03 while closing a location (don't remember which one) - rolled 5 with 2 dice when need 6,

was not offered to bury the stone to pass the check.

Got it again on 08/04 fighting a monster (either Skeleton or Ancient Skeleton, don't remember) needed 10

to defeat (it was either with +2 or +1 for all checks wild card) but rolled only 9. Didn't get an option to bury

the stone, went strait to damage.

Mode:   Quest

Chars:  Amiri (the one with the stone) and Sajan

OS:       Android 6.0

Device: Motorola smartphone, XT1585

Level:   Legendary

Version: 550-20160803 PFID AEB9FC3A3091AC3

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