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Which treasure chest offer do you prefer?

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the 4500 offer is the more reasonable for me,with daily gold I reach that every 2-3 days of intensive playing ;) yes,the 20000 offer without any money purchase is really difficult to reach xD u should play while u're sleeping,too, ahahahah :)

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You know what..I was tricking my mind where I would farm 1400 gold per day (i think this is 4 legendary completion) and I would reward myself with a chest.


Therefore satisfying both my chest-opening hunger and saving gp. It we get lucky and get the new contect in one week, I'd have saved 6300gp..enough to hopefully buy the new adventures or at least 1/3 off from the big bundle ^^

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20,000 all the way. after you obtain most of the treasure cards, the effective price is actually about 15,000 since you can roughly salvage the extras for about 5,000 gold. I open the chests in batches of 10ish and then salvage for about 1,000 gold. Then I play for 3,000 gold. Do another batch and play for 3,000 again. With this cycle I am basically getting 10 chests for 3,000.


Some notes, you need to salvage immediately after you open the chests. During this time salvage values are greatly increase anywhere from 1.5x to a bit over 2x the normal salvage values of the cards. Also when you first start this cycle, you will probably not get 1,000 salvage gold per 10 chests since there will be a lot more cards you want to keep, but once you get to the point where you have most cards and duplicates of the goods ones (I keep 1 of cards I will never use in any deck, 2 of most cards, 3 of a couple, and 7 of the 2-check blessings) you will be salvaging 75-85% of the cards you get out of the chests, which leads to the 1,000 salvage gold.


I also want to say, once you get a solid 6-party build, you can get the 50 chests in about 15 hours of playtime, so it isn't too bad of a grind.

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