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Vicious Trident - how do you use it ?

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How do you use the Vicious Trident? The answer is, you don't. :) My expert advice is to trash this piece of garbage.


I love strong cards with a drawback, and the designers of Runelords came up with a few good ones: Ilsoari Gandethus and the Charmed Red Dragon are among my most memorable cards in the set. Unfortunately, they biffed it with the Vicious Trident. If the force damage had been resistable, then maybe somebody could have used it. Instead, the card exited the design process as a "trap:" something shiny to lure new players who don't yet realize that it's garbage pure and simple. In my 6-player home game, my Ezren carried it around for many moons before finally pitching it in disgust.

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it's a powerful(just about the combat check) weapon,it depends if you use with valeros the collateral discard is acceptable,against henchmen or villains...there are most powerful weapons,too,without the boring discard cost ;) I dunno,the shock glaive +1 in the hands of a fighter is a monster slayer ;)

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There exists cards in the game that are not great, but are situational.  One frequent situation is:  "When you find this card, it's good until the end of the scenario" then pitch it.  This is potentially one of those cards.  If you find it in a scenario... getting guaranteed +X on an important check  is always good... and it just has a large discard cost for it's usage, so you'd probably only want to use it on big bad guys, like Villians or last ditch efforts.


It's also magic, which has it's specific uses too.  You might not want to keep it though depending on your views of card efficiency, etc. 


It might be worth keeping for some characters that can hold lots of weapons and/or have low draw hands, they might hold onto a single instance of this for specific scenarios.  


Also, a character like Valaros would only recharge a card to use it, so you are only losing 1 card (the damage) instead of two, which is not so bad since it's not random damage, but I probably wouldn't carry more than one. 


There is also the argument of giving it to a hero who hardly ever has to use weapons... so that when they finally are forced to (lack of spells, some other restriction), they can deal out some ok damage with the plusses on the card. 


There may exist other characters not in the digital game who could fetch the weapon when needed which would make holding onto a powerful, but costly card, worth it..., but I am unsure, as I am not familiar with all 80+ of them.  lol.  (I know of at least one ranged character who can do that). 

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this card is ****ing amazing for when you have to clear the last check, one time i had kyra with +4 strenght, melee +2, the strenght spell (+3) and this weapon (+6) and the bonus i had was so big i didn't even need to roll the dice


and if you don't want to deal with it's negative effect, just use another weapon for the trash mobs

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