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Current guides and builds on druid, wizard and priest

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Hi guys,


after having received really good answers on my question regarding the strongest classes in the current patch, i am looking for some good guides for druid, wizard and priest.


I was already adviced some youtube guides for older patches, which i will watch during the weekend.


do you have some good current guides and builds for me?


thank you!

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Pretty much all or most of the guides in the top stickied thread are up to date.  




Priest, Wizard, and Druid are generally the best classes, but also require the most micromanagement.  So if you plan on using a 6 man party I recommend using builds that don't always require a lot of micromanagement.  Support priest, shapeshift druid, wand/blast wizard, etc.  Shapeshifter druid for example can wreck per encounter with shapeshift, but when the going gets tough he can easily go full spellcaster to tip the balance with his powerful spells.

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