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Rusty dragon prompts to close immediately, can't explore it



Quest mode

Tier 3 party

6 man team

Scenario,power: villain difficulty +2 for each henchman defeated

Wildcard 1: all checks difficulty +1

Wildcard 2: bane difficulty +4


When any character arrives at the rusty dragon, they get an immediate prompt to close it (with all 10 cards still in the deck).


Regardless of whether I decline to close, or fail the close check, I can't actually explore the location.

After passing the close check, no cards were removed and now I still can't explore the location, but it's considered closed.

I'm not sure if the villain is here yet, but if so, I think I won't be able to win the mission.


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You can still win by closing all the locations. This bug has happened to me more than a few times, most of the time it has 3-5 cards in the deck rather than the 10. The locations I can recall it happening on are Academy, Temple, Rusty Dragon, Apothecary, and The Old Light. Though only twice has the villain ever been in the short deck, and both times I won by closing everything.


Are you playing quest mode? If so what level are you? I have a current theory why this is happening, but I have no real way to test it other than seeing if other players also have the same variables in common as me.

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Was the location black by any chance during the play? I have encountered some times a situation, when the screen backround is black, the card counter of the deck does not work and I get something like 3-5 cards and then the location closed down and the screen calculator show's that there still Are cards in the location. Newer, ever have had a situation where villain would be is premateraly closed location. I supose that it is hard coded that you can not close, if there is a villain in the location, but have to play even more, if that would happen... Because that would be very bad. But as I said not has happened so far. Now it is more like a annoyance, because you can not find "new cards" when location get closed too early. It only makes the game easier, but it definitely is a bug. Not game stopping, not so far at least.


Yes, happens in quest mode, but I have not played story mode for a while.

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Yes, I think the location had a black background initially.

The villian turned out to be somewhere else, but I failed to kill him because the difficulty for each check was 30+ due to the scenario powers (+12 from other killed henchmen, +5 more for the other wildcard powers, plus a lack of blessings.)


The villain was roger Crosby (???) a goblin with a combat 13ish followed by s combat or divine 15.

The henchmen were zombie minions.


Earlier in the mission I did encounter a barrier that spawned zombie henchmen at all open locations, some of which I evaded or failed to defeat, and then I encountered that same barrier some time later as well. I'm not sure if it has any bearing or relation to the bug.


My party consisted of a level 33 or 34 Harsk. All the other chars were level 17 or 18.

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That aligns with what I think is the bug. In short: There are 2 AD3 spells "missing" from quest mode. These cards are still in accounted for in the pool when building the decks, but when called by the game the assets are missing, so the game thinks the deck is finished at that point. My observations and thoughts below.


If I recall correctly this started happening (on the current patch) after my characters were in their 30s.

The location is always blacked out the first time you view that characters location. Then most of the time the background comes back when switching to a new character, but not always.

The decks this bug occurs in have only been ones with spells in them. 

Temple and Apothecary are the two most common locations this happens to, which is what led me to think it is spell based. They are far more likely to spawn with the missing cards.

When the bug happens I have yet to encounter the full complement of spells in the location. Though I have only been paying attention to this the last 3 or 4 times this happened, since I only pieced this together in the last 36 hours.

Since it is the missing spell the deck will run short at a random spot were the spell is placed. I have run into the deck running short from 1-7 cards in, with the temple typically only being 3 cards max. 

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Yes, now that you mention it, I have seen this before. At the temple, I recall the card counter saying 7 cards in the location, but when I used scrying or augry, when it revealed cards from the location, it only showed 4 cards in the location. And then when the location was down to 3 cards, I was prompted to close as if the location was empty.

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Here's some more screens of this behavior. I was able to use paralyze to evade a monster, and put it on the "bottom" of the deck. But the deck only shows 7 cards, not all 10. I was then able to kill the henchman and close the location, but the villian was also there. You'll see that the location still claims to have 4 cards but only the villian is explorable



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