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How do I get loot items, if a party member already defeated the scenario?

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Heya guys!


I recently added Ezren to the party, however he is not eligible for any loot (whether already in use by others or not) that has been previously discovered by Merisiel and Lini (the original party).


Do I have to solo those scenarios with him or is there another solution?


Unused loot will never show up in location decks, or will it?


Thank you,


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Read up on the rules and they sound a bit fuzzy... they say "if they show up in a location deck, you automatically acquire them."


Does it need special circumstances, or may they just get added in with other items?

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Yes. The croup collectively opens those scenario completed things, I think... It should allow to replay older scenarios with new character though, but I have to check it. But best way is to make completely new party and solo or make a new team to help that new character. Then move that character to you old team when he is suitable educated.

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And it deleted all my legendary progression, once I put the original team back together... crying myself to sleep now and hope they'll get a handle on all those bugs soon.


I just want to like the game... why does it make it so hard... ><

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This is actually an RPG element based off of how Paizo did their card game.


A character that already got that loot cannot get that same item again. You would have to make a new saved game/party to be able to unlock it again.


To use your example above, you might be trying to get the Sihedron Medalion again.  No matter how many parties that particular Ezren tries to join or even solo, he can't get that medalion again because the story says you have it already.


It looks like you did find the way to get it again, though, but it required you to make a new Ezren and party (and save game) and start from the beginning.

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