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My wife is planning on purchasing the RotR bundle for me on my birthday...

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Ezren's an interesting choice. Gives you strong Intelligence/Arcane, and opens up the world of Arcane spells.

Ezren has strong combat rolls, and usually recharges his spells, so his health is generally good.  Might want to start him with a Amulet of Life to give him some damage protection. His allies should explore, but in a small party you could probably give him a Guard or a Burglar if you want that.

(So, definitely examine his starting deck before playing him, and swap out as need be. Might want to swap a utility spell for a combat.)

Ezren can explore a little slow in the early adventures, because he has no blessings and only a few allies. He explores again after acquiring any Magic boon, so he's best in spell-heavy locations. In later adventures there's a lot more Magic boons, and he can get the Swipe spell to even pick up the high-level weapons (and Haste spell to use to explore).

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Ezren is a great choice.  I chose him as my first additional character and don't regret it.


Seoni I personally find a bit lacking, but the fact that she has good charisma is very helpful on a few adventures.  Other people have found her useful so maybe someone else can tell you about her virtues.


Lem and Valeros are best friends and I can't imagine getting one without the other.  Both of them like to hang out with other party members which doesn't synergize well with Merisel, but could add good stuff to Kyra.


Harsk is a wonderful support character.  When I first got him I was disappointed and regretted my decision... but as time went on I realized just how valuable he is and now I don't think I'll ever make a party without him.

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