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For all you physical gamers

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Too small to my games :-)

Those heavy wargames really have big maps...

But otherwice a good option. Those cupholder can be handy when playing games. And Also a good lookin table. And the price is really cheap for Gaming table. I personally have custom made plank table, that looks good, is bigger, but Also is more expensive and is not so game orientated like this. More like huge dining table with attitude!

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I used the one my friend gave me on Facebook. It gives him extra entries?


I just checked my email and noticed it game me on too. :( I should have posted mine. I'll swap it out with the generic one.

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Don't i know it! My buddy has the full Talisman set. When we play it we need 2 tables, one for the main board and play area and one for the Expansion boards.


And a month set aside to actually play it (I kid I kid)

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