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[3.02] Typos in special characters




just a quick tip for your consideration.

In past months I have been reading PoE's texts rather thoroughly and noticed that quite a couple of times the characters with accents you use (ê, î, ŵ…) are omitted in words they are supposed to appear. It's in no way a game breaking bug, but it still might be a good idea to run a search through the words that use special characters and unify them throughout the game to fix some typos.  :)


If it's any help, here are some particular occurrences. Each line is its own ID.


  • mênpŵgra & pŵgra (also Devŵen)


...I'm not sure what to make of this one. Something about a murderous cult of druids, led by a menpŵgra


Menpwgra Claws

Menpwgra Armor

(…) The cipher's "daughters" (mind-controlled pwgra) made the necklace for her as a gift.

(↑ this is also copy-pasted in WM II)

This burlap sack contains the head of Devwen, a monstrous menpŵgra.


Kill the menpŵgra Devŵen and take her head.

(…) A strange, murderous cult of druids has sprung up around the menpŵgra Devŵen.

(…) A druidic cult has formed up around a menpŵgra in the Northweald. 

I claimed the bounty on the menpŵgra Devŵen.

  • bîaŵac

(WM I) conversations\px1_04_mercenary_camp\px1_04_cv_mercenary_guards

"A bîawac couldn't kill me. Neither will you."

(WM II) conversations\px2_05_wildernesses\px2_05_cv_adaryc

(…) You see Odema's campsite, ravaged by the bîawac. The halls of Caed Nua.

  • brîshalgwin


(…) I'm a cipher. In Eir Glanfath, we were once known as brishalgwin. 'Mind hunters.'


(…) Admeth, suspecting the truth, used Glanfathan brishalgwin (‘mind hunters’)

(…) use of her brishalgwin ‘mind hunters’ and with their help found evidence pointing directly back to the fercönyng.

  • Majivèrno


(…) Woden Teylecg, Died 18 Majiverno, 2808. Third Battle of... Clee- Clee

  • Captain Muārumi


Captain Muarumi


Captain Muarumi's Head

This burlap sack contains the head of the legendary Rauatai pirate, Captain Muarumi.


I think I will stop here.  ;)

I didn't want to go pointing out typos anyways, just show it isn't just a single occasion, so it might be worth your time to look into it.

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