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Sorry in advance if this is something that's been asked before, or I missed it on the webpage.  


I'm a Pathfinder player, and have become very interested in PoE.  I wanted to check on one item before getting a copy.  How easy is it to pause the game, or quickly quit-out without loosing tons of progress?


Due to family needs, I often have to stop playing games with little warning.  I've become pretty frustrated with many modern games because you have to be 100% present until a match is finished, or a way-point is reached.  After losing too many matches, plot elements, and cut scenes, I've been out of most games.


How is PoE with the ability to pause, or save and quit?


Having Pathfinder in digital format, and easy to exit, has been a huge win!









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You can pause almost any time, except a very few and short cut scenes.


You can save almost any time when you're out of combat. Battle last for max 5-10mn.


It's time consuming but flexible. I think it is in line with your needs.


Also there's a bug in version 3.02 that affects save/load. Probably going to be fixed soon. I advise you to wait for 3.03.

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