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Stuck in quest mode



Well this time i got pretty screwed up

I was playing with the following scenario power, the one that make you discard a card from the blessing deck when you encounter a henchman and roll 1,2 or 3, and the one that Force you to bury a card when you lose an encounter

I then encountered the goblin raid trap and Kyra decided to roll a bunch of 1, i buried a card from her graveyard and then... nothing, the game got stuck

I tried quitting and reentering the game and now i'm in a complete deadlock situation, i can't even access the option menu in order to forfeit


Please help!


EDIT: after pushing buttons at random, i was able to enter one of the invisible location shown in the pic and somehow that convinced the game to give me access back to the option menu which let me forfeit but still that was a pretty nasty bug


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