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Quest mode progress keeps disappearing



Device: samsung galaxy s4 with android 4


Whenever I start a mission on quest mode, xp and cards are reset on all 3 of my heroes (rogue, cleric, wizard).


I managed to win a quest after many failed attempts, instantly jumped to level 3 and got the feats and extra cards, only to not see them anywhere when I tried going again.


I thought this was a login issue but the game just tells me "logged in" when I start it up and never again.


What could cause this? I see on the forum that others are at high levels in quest mode so it's probably not a common issue.

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Hello, thanks for the replies!

I am actually looking at the experienced heroes tab, I can see the three of them three times each in a repeating pattern, but all of them have 0/1000 xp on level 1.


So far I love the game but this issue with progression is kinda bothering.

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