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It's possible to play solo rogue on potd on wm1+wm2? On standard PoE rogue was kind of good char, but at white march he beacome very weak. I finish game on potd solo with almost every class, only rogue remains :), and playing rogue seems fun, but this class just lack some real good skill. Shadowstep as for now do nothing, false death seems broken - when we play solo, before it finish and get to shadow walk part, fight already end and we have to fight once again surrounded by enemy with no attack skill left. Even with all critical perks, rogue can't one shot KO most of the enemies in white march (like snow bear or ogre) with blunderbuss (sometimes i hit for around 270dmg and enemy is still severe wounded), not to mention that we need to fight 3-4 at once. Even when i have sneak at 10, rogue cant come too close to enemy to get +150% backstab bonus from perks. Sure, we can use spell to take out everything, and 1v1 rogue is still best class, but for example when we make bounties like magran folks, rogue seems to be the weakest class. What do you guys think?



Sorry for my bad english.

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V 3.02 I got to act III and most of the way into WM I solo and PotD, but as I didn't want to respec and saw room for improvement I sacked it in and started again (and then my hard drive got wiped). I'll try it again with the 3.03 Rogue buffs and see how I get along, ideally I want to make solo PotD builds for every class at some point but I am pretty lazy.

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With regard to backstabbing by the way, that's actually not that hard. You have to be stealthed when you initiate the attack (ie. click to attack), if you get unstealthed afterwards you still get the backstab; you don't get the second backstab you normally get, though. But in any case, getting that initial +150% damage isn't a problem even with lower stealth. 


There is still (as of 3.03 beta) a bug with backstab + dual wielding + Strike abilities, in that you don't get a backstab on the first hit when dual wielding and using a Strike ability; and since in this case you don't get one on the second hit anyway, you'd lose out on backstabbing altogether (Strike + Shadowing Beyond also suppresses all backstab by the way, regardless of weapon style). So that would be something to keep in mind if you plan on using it, though hopefully it will be fixed in the proper 3.03 release.

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You need more than 10 stealth to backstab... ;) Ideally you want stealth lvl = (enemy lvl + 3) to maximize your stealthing potential.

Also for TCS you don't need to do every encounter - in fact many people who picked rogues did it because they were able to skip more encounters than any other class...


You should focus on killing casters/ranged attackers first. The melee attackers can be killed 1 by 1 at choke points if you have stunning/prone weapons. If none of that works then use confusion scrolls or use hit&run with a bow...

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