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new device - can't select old parties



Sorry, I somehow managed to post this in the wrong forum.  Reposting here


I have a new device.  Account  logged in and the parties showed up (not all at first, but then they did)

Now I simply can't select them.

I can create a new party and start at the beginning.  But if I click on an old party nothing happens.

If I go back and click on the new party it continues as normal.  But my old parties are locked out.


What can I do?

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Nope, that didn't do it.  Good thought though.  Thanks.

I'm gonna try to run a new party through all the released material and see if that works.  Maybe this device doesn't agree that the later content is opened.


If that doesn't do it, I guess they just get deleted.  Replaying isn't the worst thing that could happen...

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Noup... It is quite fast in this digital version. I have now 3 different croups that have done all available scenarios in Legendary mode, so it does not take a long time, but it still would be nice to know why that locking is happening, so that it can be remedied or be avoided.

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